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The Constitutional forms with two levels of Government is _________
A. Unitary
B. Evolution
C. Confederal
D. Confederation
Confederation is the Constitutional form with the levels of Government, the Central and the Regional

The essence of ECOWAS is to________
A. bring political parties together
B. foster interstate economic and political co-operation
C. emerging political event
D. expansion of scopes and powers

The head of government under the 1979 Constitution is the _____
A. president
B. prime minister
C. speaker of the house of represenative
D. senate president

The Characteristics of the Civil Servants which prevents it's officers from addressing the press unless directed is known as ________
A. impartiality
B. neutrality
C. anonymity
D. impersonality
This is used to describe situations where the acting person's name is unknown

The granting of internal authority to the regions came under which constitution?
A. Littleton Constitution
B. Richard Constitution
C. Clifford Constitution
D. Macpherson Constitution
This constitution was the only constitution that granted Internal authority

In the year 1911, who argued most representative system deteriorates towards an Oligarchy or Patriarchy?
A. Robert Michels
B. Adolf Gasser
C. Adolf Hitler
D. Edmunde Burke
He is the author of the book "Political Parties" argues that most representative systems deteriorates towards an Oligarchy or Patriarchy in the year 1911

In the 18th century, a new wind of development blow over Europe and the development was referred to__________?
A. Labour Revolution
B. Doctrine Revolution
C. Industrial Revolution
D. Economic Revolution
Industrial revolution came into existence and there was a change in the means of production and domestic system of manufacturing

One major merit of the Unitary system of government is that_______?
A. is most democratic
B. is cheaper to operate
C. eradicates co-operation
D. eliminate tyranny
It is cheaper to operate because unitary system of government is a system of government in which power is concentrated in a single system

The legal right to exercise power in a state is known as______
A. Authority
B. Sovereignity
C. Coercion
D. Influence

Bills passed by the legislature usually requires the approval of the following except_______
A. Governor
B. Member house of representative
C. Monarch
D. President
They do not have the constitutional right to approve bill

Dispute among member state of ECOWAS are settled by _________?
A. The Technical and specialized commission
B. Board of Trustee
C. The community tribunal
D. The council of minister
They settle disputes among members state

The industrial relations system in the USA tremendously influenced the experience of _________?
A. Great Britain
B. Canada
C. South America
D. India

___ is the act of wearing campaign paraphernalia or carrying signs to a polling centre with the intent of influencing voters?
A. polling centre
B. candidate
C. passive electioneering
D. electorate


The totality of Nigeria's participation in the international system is known as ______?


International policy


foreign policy


economic policy


social policy


These are policy at which all the citizen shows concern to politics and the society. It is the means by which welfare state and economic performance can be meet.

one important agent of a political socialization is the _______?
A. political party structure
B. political party
C. party constitution
D. electoral college
This is a group formed by people to come together through votes in order to gain power and control the resources

The primary source of fund for local government is ________?
A. grant
B. loan
C. statutory allocation
D. fines

The United Nations is a replacement for which ineffective organisation?
A. World War II
B. League Nations
The first international organisation whose principle was to maintain world peace but later replaced by United Nations

Which of the following emphasizes the rule of law and human right protection?
A. constitutionalism
B. delegated legislation
C. decentralization
D. centralization
Constitution is a formal or informal system of primary principles and law that regulates a government or other institutions

Laws enacted by the legislature are known as ___ ?
A. Legislation
B. Legislature
C. Budget
D. Executive

The Quorum in the OPEC conference is formed with the attendance of ?
A. one third of the member state
B. half of member states
C. member states
D. three quarter of the member state
They consist of the simple majority

Bye laws are made by the _______?
A. judiciary
B. legislature
C. media
D. executive
They are responsible to make laws

The organ of the UN that served as eustodiait of some African countries prior to their independence is _________?
A. The international court of justice
B. the security council
C. the truteeship council
D. the general assembly
They are the main body charged with the responsibility of policy-making and representative organ of the UN.

The chairman of the 1976 constitution drafting committee was _____?
A. Udo udoma
B. Ademola Adetokunba
C. Rotimi Williams
D. Niki Tobi
Chief Frederick Rotimi Alade Williams was the first Nigerian to become Senior Advocates of Nigeria (SAN). The body held by him was formed to draft the constitution to be approved by the military administration under the regime of Obasanjo.

The needs of the citizen are made known to the government through ____?
A. judiciary
B. political party
C. civil service
D. public opinion
These are means at which government hears about the needs of its citizen. Through public opinion, governments are able to know the needs of the citizens

The organ that is responsible for the interpretation of law is known as _____?
A. Judiciary
B. Executive
C. Legislature
D. President
this organ of government is responsible for the interpretation of laws

New partnership for Africa's development was an attempt to overcome _______?
A. civil wars in africa
B. diseases in africa
C. obstacles to african development
D. coups in africa
The forming of new partnership for African development was mainly to tackle and bring up about development in Africa generally.

The problem that has bedevilled many developing societies is known as ______?
A. Enforcement
B. Impartiality
C. Inefficient judicial institution
D. Corruption
it is dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power typically involving bribery

A formal group decision-making process by which a population chooses an individual to hold public office is ___ ?
A. by-election
B. election
C. bill
D. public office
This is the process of choosing an individual to occupy a public office.

The system of government by the political parties in a democratic country is known as ______?
A. Party system
B. Party structure
C. Public opinion
D. Political party
A party system is a concept in comparative political science concerning the system of government by political parties in a democratic country

Ensuring that appointment into federal establishment in Nigeria reflect geographical spread is the sole function of the ____?
A. revenue Mobilization and fiscal allocation commission
B. civil service commission
C. federal character commission
D. public complaint commission
They also ensure that recruitment are done without bias.

The transfer of certain powers and functions by means of constitutional or legislation process to the lowest levels of government is known as ___ ?
A. Delegation
B. Devolution
C. Deconcentration
D. Decentralisation

When was the Nigeria flag designed?
A. 1961
B. 1959
C. 1957
D. 1962

The elective principle was introduced by which constitution?
A. Macpherson Constitution of 1951
B. Clifford Constitution of 1922
C. Richard Constitution of 1946
D. Lyttleton Constitution of 1954

The primary reason for the establishment of political parties is to _______?
A. Attain political power
B. protect political interest
C. make law
D. lobby the government
The main aim of any political party is to gain power and control resources through elections

The African country that was not colonized is ______?
A. Sudana
B. Botswana
C. Gambia
D. Ethiopia
As of today, Ethiopia is the only country that is not colonised as majority of the people are Italian citizens

A major differences between pressure group and political party is that whereas the latter aims at winning power the former__________?
A. execute government policies
B. aims at winning election
C. influencing government policies
D. nominates potential leaders for government
The political party was set up to influence government policy.

Which of the following is a process of military disengagement from Nigeria politics?
A. Increase in military budget
B. conduct of free and fair elections
C. Appointment of Army officers into political post
D. strengthening the Army
This aspect of election is not possible because of the military power to use force

division of responsibilities into distinct branches to limit any branches from exercising the core functions of another is _______?
A. fusion of power
B. parliamentary system
C. aristocracy
D. separation of powers
This states that the executive, legislative, and judiciary powers of government should be divided into different branches and not concentrated in one

In the 1976 reforms and the local government generally, which regime constitutes the Ibrahim panel of 1984?
A. Major General Muhammadu Buhari Administration
B. Olusegun Obasanjo Administration
C. Goodluck Jonathan Administration
D. Ernest Shonekan Administration

Iran, Iraq and which countries first created OPEC?
A. Kuwait, Saudi Arabia
B. Venezuela, Dubai, Greece
C. Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait
D. Venezuela, Vienna.

One of the demerits of the privatization of public corporations in Nigeria is ?
A. scarcity of goods and services
B. higher cost of goods and services
C. creation of unemployment
D. inefficient service delivery
One of the problem of privatisation was due to the fact that their was to make profit, thereby affecting the consumer.

The indirect dimension of changing the government is known as ___ ?
A. coup de ta't
B. military rule
C. election
D. electorate
The term used for the indirect or illegal dimension of changing the government.

The head of the palace in the pre-colonial hausa system is ?
A. Sarkin dawaki
B. sarkin gida
C. sarkin fada
D. sarkin ruwa
During the pre-colonial era, the head of palace officials was Sarking fada. Sarkin dawaki and Sarkin gida had no offices in the fulani pre-colonial era. Sarkin ruwa is another office in hausa-fulani in the pre-colonial era where his office was the river fishing official.

What is the name of the motion brought before the chamber asking that leave be given to bring in a bill?
A. government motion
B. enactment
C. approval
D. leave
This is a motion brought before the chamber to enforce it in a bill.

Early nationalist activities manifested in the form of _____?
A. discrimination
B. resistance
C. participation
D. disagreement
Participation on government process on a regional level led to early motion for self government.

The appointment and dissolution of the board of directors of the public corporation fall under _______?
A. ministerial control
B. legislative control
C. political control
D. judicial control
Political control is the duty of either the president or governor to appoints and dissolve its appointees at any time.

Sucessive population figures have been contested in Nigeria because of ______?
A. gender consideration
B. religious consideration
C. geographical disparity
D. political consideration
Successful figure of population census needs to be considered politically because it can contribute to the success of politics.

In the United States, what do they call by-election?
A. special election
B. by polls
C. general election
D. recall

The identifiable spheres of control which the central government exercise over local government is known as ____?
A. Supervisory Control
B. Judicial Control
C. Audit Control
D. Appointment Control

The 1976 Local government reforms was embarked upon by the central government under the leadership of ______?
A. General Olusegun Obasanjo
B. General Sanni Abacha
C. General Mohammed Buhari
D. Goodluck Jonathan

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