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Global Positioning Systems (GPS) help in
A. combating crime
B. providing early warnings against disasters
C. climate change monitoring
D. locating positions on the earth surface.

One of these is not a factor of population growth
A. poverty
B. migration
C. prosperity
D. housing.

Which of this is not a major problem of Kainji dam?
A. Increase in the herds of cattle that depends on waters
B. Increase in usage of Niger republic
C. silting of the dam
D. growing demand for irrigation water.

The East African large lakes are together described as
A. Great Lakes St Lawrence Sea Ways
B. Rift Valley Lakes
C. sources of large rivers like Nile
D. products of the formation of Kilimanjaro.

One of these is not true of rain gauges:
A. Rain gauges pro vide excellent measurement of rain fall
B. Their measurement may be affected by the particular type used
C. their readings may be influenced by the slope of the land
D. Rain splashes during heavy rains may lead to over estimation.

Ox bow lakes are found in
A. lower courses of some rivers
B. wind bow out sites
C. places with history of tectonism
D. areas of subsidence

Coombes are associated with
A. honey-bee farms
B. karst environment
C. rift valleys systems
D. oases in the desert

The Stevenson`s screen is used to keep
A. barometers
B. thermometers.
C. hygrometers
D. evaporimeters.

South East Asia is noted for its regular experience of
A. hurricane
B. tornadoes
C. typhoons
D. strong winds.

Horse latitudes refer to
A. areas around the gulf of Guinea
B. areas around the equator areas around the Mediterranean sea
C. areas around latitude 30° in both hemispheres.
D. areas around latitude 90° in one hemisphere.

"High uniform temperature and heavy well distributed rain fall through out the year" describe
A. Equatorial rain forest climate
B. Mid-latitude friendly environment
C. the zone of the forest with a lot of agricultural potentials
D. the Great Amazon basin including the Brazilian forest.

One of the following is least important to ocean movement
A. salinity of the ocean water
B. temperature of the water
C. planetary winds
D. curvature of the coastal areas.

Which features on a topographical sheet would you analyze to characterize the configuration of the area covered by the sheet
A. Isoyet and isolines
B. ranges and spot heights
C. contour lines for cross section
D. contour lines for slope estimates.

The greatest challenge to future use of automobiles is
A. advances in air travels
B. identification of alternative to fossils
C. changing and more reliable technology for rail transport
D. population growth.

The cloud which are white globular masses, forming ripples in the sky is called
A. Cirrus
B. Cirrocumulus
C. altocumulus
D. altostratus

Which of the following seas has the highest degrees of salinity in the world?
A. Capian sea
B. Mediterranean sea
C. Dead sea
D. Esker.

Which of the following landforms is IIQI due to the process of glacier erosion?
A. Corrie
B. Valley bench
C. Hanging valley
D. Esker

Which of the following rivers does NT drain into the Atlantic Ocean?
A. The Niger
B. The Indus
C. The Amazon
D. The Volta

Which is the main crop grown in the Ghezira plains
A. Wheat
B. Millet
C. rice
D. Cotton

Which of the following countries has a large number of people of Africa descent?
A. England
B. Canada
C. Chile
D. Brazil

When it is 1200 noon on longitude 30°E, what is the time on longitude 15°W
A. 9.00 a.m.
B. 9.00 p.m.
C. 5.00.p.m
D. 5.00.a.m
When it is 12noon on long 30E and long 15° W Long differeice rr15° +30° = 45° Time difference =45° =45/15 =3hrs Since East is a head of time .12.00 noon -3hrs =9.00am (A)

Which of the following Nigerian towns is NOT situated near a big river?
A. Lokoja
B. Onitsha
C. Jebba
D. Abuja

Fishing is the mainstay of the economy of
A. Libya
B. Iran
C. Iceland
D. Chad

The statement `one cm 2km` can be represented by the ratio of
A. 1:50,000
B. 1:500,000
C. 1:20,000
D. 1:200,000

What is the local standard time in New York (75°W) when it is 2.p.m. in Accra?
A. 7.p.m. (l900hrs)
B. (O700hrs)
C. 9.p.m (2lOOhrs)
D. 9.a.m. (O900hrs)
New York (75° W) =? Accra (10°) =2pm Time difference = 75 = 75°/I 5° =5hrs Since Accra is eastward, it is ahead of time, Time in New York =2pm -5hrs =9am. (D)

On any day in the year at a specific time
A. the sun is overhead along the equator
B. the sun is overhead along the tropic cancer
C. the north pole 24 hours of daylight
D. one half of the earth is i darkness

Which of the following is not a feature produce by volcanic activity?
A. horst
B. caldera
C. dyk
D. geyser

All planets have satellites except:
A. Earth & Venus
B. Mars & Mercury
C. Mercury & Venus
D. Neptune & Venus

Which of the following locations in Nigeria has the least mean annual rainfall total?
A. Sokoto
B. Maiduguri
C. Potiskum
D. Nguru

Which of the following is not the karst features?
A. Poljes
B. Uvala
C. Kopjes
D. Dolines

The world`s longest river is:
A. Amazon
B. Mississippi
C. Nile
D. Chang Jiang

One of these is a feature of a rejuvenated river:
A. incised meanders
B. braided channel
C. delta
D. levees

Which one of these is not is a thermometric scale:
A. Celsius
B. Kelvin
C. Fahrenheit
D. Octas

Which of these is not a form of condensation?
A. Snow
B. Rime
C. Cloud
D. Fog

Cyclones are centres of
A. relatively low pressure
B. relatively high pressure
C. Tsunamis
D. turning around of winds

The best natural harbour in West Africa is at
A. Lome
B. Tema
C. Lagos
D. Freetown

dstone is metamorphosed into
A. Slate
B. Schist
C. Graphite
D. Quartzite

navigability of River Nile is limited because
A. it is too long
B. it is too shallow
C. it flows during the wet season only
D. it has several cataracts

The cloud which is closely associated with thunderstorms is
A. strato- cumulus
B. Cirrocumulus
C. Cumulus-nimbus
D. Alto-stratus

Drought-tolerant plants are
A. Epiphytes
B. Hydrophytes
C. Dr. oughytes
D. Xerophytes

Campos is the name for the grassland in
A. North America
B. South America
C. Africa
D. Asia

When the moon comes in between the earth and the sun in a perfect straight line, it is known as
A. Eclipse of the moon
B. lunar eclipse
C. solar eclipse
D. Eclipse of the earth

The earth rotates
A. South east-South west
B. south west-South east
C. West- East
D. East - west

A degree latitudinal distance is approximately
A. 70km
B. 111km
C. 180km
D. 360km

Large masses of moving ice in the oceans are
A. glacier
B. iceberg
C. ice- sheet
D. ice-caps

The world driest desert is
A. Atacama
B. Sahara
C. Kalahari
D. California

A linejoining places of equal salinity is
A. Isohaline
B. Isoneph
C. lsohyets
D. Isohel

Which of these is not on the western side of continental land masses?
A. Aguihas
B. Canary
C. Peruvian
D. California

In general, temperature decreases from the Equator towards the Poles because
A. angle of incidence of sun`s rays increases towards the poles
B. angles of incidence of sun`s rays decreases towards the pole
C. snow-cover of the higher latitudes reduces the temperature
D. snow falls rather than rain in the poles

Which of the following continents is crossed by both the Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn?
A. Asia
B. S. America
C. N. America
D. Africa

The sea bed, bordering the continents which is covered by shallow water is known as
A. continental slope
B. coral reef
C. continental shelf
D. ontinental platform e. continental drift

The result of a football match completed at 6.00pm at Accra (Ghana) and mmediately announced over the wireless was heard at 12.00noon same day at nother city. The longitude of the city is
A. 90°E
B. 60°E
C. 90°W
D. 45°W e. 60°W
Accra (o) 6 pm Another city 12 noon Time differences — 6 hrs Since 1 hrs= 15° :. 15x6=90° Since Accra is ahead of time the place must be in the West (90°W) ©

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