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A simple measure of the number of dependants that each 100 people in the productive years must support is
A. agricultural density
B. dependency ratio
C. employment ratio
D. population density
All other options are wrong because according to the answers provided, only dependency ratio has to do with dependents
dependency ratio is a measure of the portion of a population composed of dependents(people too young or too old to work)

Africa is bounded in the North by
A. Mediterranea sea
B. Atlantic ocean
C. Red Sea
D. Indian ocean
Africa is bounded on the north by Mediterranean sea which separates it from Europe
Atlantic ocean is located south of Africa, Red Sea at the north - east and the Indian ocean at the east

Seasons are determine in the tropical areas by
A. transportation
B. rainfall
C. evaporation
D. temperature
Tropical areas are the areas of the world that are near the equator where the weather is very warm. Temperature determines season in the tropics.
Transpiration is the passage of water or vapor from a living body through a membrane or pores
Rainfall is the amount of rain that falls on a particular area, since the tropic is predominantly temperate, rainfall has no impact in determining seasons there
Evaporation is about converting liquid to vapor. It is just a process and a determinant factor in season determination

An eclipse of the moon occurs when the
A. sun cats its shadow on the moon
B. the earth comes between the sun and the moon
C. when the moon comes between the sun and earth
D. earth casts its shadow on the moon
The moon has no light and so depends on the sun. The same goes for the earth, when the moon comes in between the sun and earth, it block the light coming from the sun directly to earth, hence lunar eclipse occur.

Maintenance cost is low, more flexible than other transportation means, links many places than other means of transportation. All these are merits of
A. road transport
B. air transport
C. rail transport
D. water transport

Which of the following set of cities have been developed specifically as the seat of power
A. chicago, Rhur, and kurosioro
B. Abuja, chicago and Brasilia
C. Canberra, Abuja and Brasilia
D. New Delhi, Ruhr and Culcutta
Canberra is the capital of Australia, Abuja the capital of Nigeria and Brasilia the capital of Brasil
Chicago is a city in Illinois, United state
Rhur is a district in Germany
New Delhi is the capital of India
Calcutta is now known as Kolkata it is a city in India

Which of the following is a primary economic activity?
A. Manufacturing
B. Food processing
C. Transportation
D. Farming
Farming is the most important economic activity because other economic activities

One of these is not a part of the thermal plants in Nigeria
A. Egbin
B. Shiroro
C. Ijora
D. Afarn
The shiroro power plants is hydro - electric, other potions are thermal and that makes Shiroro right
Both Egbin and Ijora power plants are located in Lagos and are thermal
The afarn thermal plant is found in river state and it depends on natural gas to function

Which of the following is the primary stage in the formation of an ox-bow lake?
A. Cataract
B. Meander
C. Gorge
D. Delta
An ox-bow lake is an U shaped body of water that forms when a wide meander from mainstream of a river is cut off creating a free standing body of water. there must be a meander before an ox-bow lake is formed. A meander in general is a bend in water course of a river which end up creating a curve

Conakry is the capital of
A. Algiers
B. Guinea
C. Antananarivo
D. johannesburg
Guinea's capital conkry
Algiers is the capital of Algeria, Antananarivo is for Madagascar while Johannesburg is a city in South-Africa

The best way to reduce the negative effects of some of our worn-out machineries and plastics on our environment is to
A. burn them completely to ashes
B. bury then deep in the soil
C. recycle them for other uses
D. throw them far from the sea
recycling reduces poisoning and pollution of the environment material recycling can be re used or converted to other useful substances

12. q-image

Use the diagram above to answer the question that follows:
The instrument displayed above is called


wind vane







Barometer is used in measuring air pressure and predicting weather changes

The action of wind in a desert include the following except a
A. Glaciation
B. Abrasion
C. Attrition
D. Deflation
Glaciation is a term that has to do with ice Glacier itself is a large accumulation of frozen sea or river or ice.
Abrasion - here, small rock particles are hurles by wind against rock surfaces.
Attrition is a process by which rock particles rub against each other and wear away.
Deflation occurs when wind blows away rock wastes and in doing, lowers the desert surface thereby producing depressions.
Winds involve movement of particles when they blow, glaciation is often static and that makes it right answer.

14. q-image

Use the map above to answer the questions that follows
The area marked E is good for the production of








raffia palm

The area marked E on the map of Nigeria is kano state and kano is known for its cultivation of groundnut. It is groundnut and most producing state in Nigeria

Which of the countries is a member state of ECOWAS?
A. Guinea
B. Kenya
C. Namibia
D. Algeria
ECOWAS means ECONOMIC COMMUNITY OF WEST AFRICAN STATE option A is right because Guinea is a country in west african Kenya is in East Africa Nambia is in south western Africa Algeria is in North Africa

16. q-image

Use the map to answer the following question
One important area for gold is









Gold as a precious mineral has been mined in Ilesha (Osun state). Although its quantity is small as its often mineral with the use of digger, hoe and shovel to reach the ore concentrates. It is equally consumed locally

It is noon in place X, what is the time in a place 45oE
A. 1:00 PM
B. 3:00 AM
C. 3:00 PM
D. 1:00 PM
360o makes a circle, earths single rotation takes 24 hours, 360o divided by 24 hours gives 15o. So in 1 hour, the earth covers 15o. Therefore 45o equals 3 hours. In time calculation when you move eastern you gain (addition). The question says noon. SO we move eastwards and gain 15o = 1 hour, 45o = 3 hours, being noon. We gain so three hours place noon equals 3 pm

Dependency ratio is determined by
A. rate of natural increase
B. age structure
C. net migration
D. sex composition
Age structure is the summary of the number of individuals of each age in the population

They are very expensive to construct, they are not flexible spillage can occur in cause of damage. These are the demerits of what type of transport?
A. Pipelines
B. Transmission lines
C. Roads
D. Rope ways
Pipelines carry petroleum products and when damaged, spillage occurs. They are also not flexible as their paths are specific and also are made of metals which is very costly.
Transmission lines carry electric power, roads are flexible, rope ways are not expensive to construct

Shiroro is located in
A. Cameroon
B. Kenya
C. Ghana
D. Nigeria
Shiroro dam is located in Nigeria at river Kaduna
Cameroon has the Edea dam, Ghana has the Akosombo dam while kenya has the seven forks dam in river Tana in Kenya

21. q-image

Use the diagram above to answer the question that follows:
The textual class that can hold the greatest amount of moisture is




sand loam


clay loam



Which of the following is not most suitable in chain survey?
A. irregular slopes
B. rocky environments
C. embarkment areas
D. plain topography
answer is D, all other options are wrong because they are not too suitable for chain survey to their land forms(topography)
Plain topography is the most suitable in chain survey because in chain survey, the only instruments required are a pair of compass and a scale rule. On the plain topography there is no bend or contour which makes the setting of compass easy and chain throwing not be stressful

Which of the following belongs to the upper course of river.
A. Ox-bow lake
B. Meander
C. V-shaped valley
D. Artificial embankment
V-shaped valley is formed as a result of vertical erosion of a river which makes it deeper with step sides because the water as active in following
Ox-blow lakes are crescent-shaped lakes formed by running water flowing through a meander neck. It is formed at the lower course of a river
Meanders are found at the middle course of a river network
Artificial embankment is a long artificial mound of stone or earth, built to hold back water

The world has different time zone because
A. most countries do not agree on having the same time zone
B. it is a major way of differentiating countries from each other
C. the sum does not shine on the earth surface at the same time
D. the variation in weather and climate will not allow countries to have the same time zone
the sun does not shine on the earth surface at the same time. the earth spin on its axis, every 24 hours , the earth makes a complete rotation on its axis each rotation is called a day as the earth rotate different part of the earth receive sunlight and darkness

One of the following properties of soil can be easily observed in the field
A. Fertility
B. Texture
C. Permeablity
D. Acidity
Texture has to do with feeling and touching. One can get to know if a soil sample is smooth or coarse by touching.
Testing a soil sample fertility can only be done at the laboratory with equipment, the same goes with testing of soil acidic properties.

Soil permeability involves introduction of liquid to know if the particular soil can retain water or not. It might be stressful as particular soil can retain water or not. It might be stressful as movement to get the liquid may be required unlike checking soil texture by just bending to the ground to prick and feel with the hand

High clouds is made up of
A. stratus
B. cirrus
C. altostratus
D. alto cummullus
Cirrus make up the high cloud and it is composed of ice-crystals, white and wispy. High clouds are cloud whose highest is between 6,000 m to 12,000m above the earth surface.

Stratus is one of the layers that make up the low cloud, altostratus is composed of water droplets partially covering the sky and it is also a part of middle cloud

Alto cumullus is also a distinct part of the middle cloud characterized by water droplets in layers with flattered bases in lines.

The high cloud is made up of three distinct parts which are cirrus, cirrocumulus, cirrostratus

One of the following instruments is used in measuring the direction of wind
A. Cup anenometer
B. barometer
C. wind anenometer
D. wind vane
Cup anenometer is an instrument used for measuring the direction of the speed of wind

Barometer is used to measure air pressure and predicting changes in the weather

Wind vane is used to indicate the direction of the wind.

28. q-image

Use the map above to answer the question that follows:
The area marked E is good for the cultivation of








raffia palm

The area marked E on the map of Nigeria is Kano state and Kano is known for its cultivation of groundnut it is the groundnut most producing state in Nigeria

One of the reasons of rapid growth of world population is
A. improved social and medical facilities
B. stable government
C. rainfall and its reliability
D. agricultural system practised
The provision of modern and improved medical and social facilities to area tends to attract more population concentration to another.
Other options are wrong because the government being stable does not determine population growth, social amenities provided by the government is the only factor that can make the population growth low, either rainfall or not, people will migrate and reproduce.
The agricultural system practical in an area also does not determine rapid population growth. Either mono-cropping or mixed farming is practiced population will always grow.

The export trade of Mali is based mainly on
A. groundnuts
B. cotton
C. cattle
D. cocoa

Balance of payment in international trade does not favour developing countries because
A. of their low bargaining power
B. most of their exports are raw materials
C. their currencies are very weak
D. of the low demand of their exports
The answer is B Most of their export are raw materials, Developing countries often depend on the developed countries to produce their raw material into finished product hence they tend to pay more when raw materials are processed and imported back. Bargaining power has little or no effect on international trade as most international deals with exchange of product. African countries most cases request for manufactured goods they needed rather than been paid

One of the following is the most correct in regards to desert erosional landforms
A. Yardang
B. Barchan
C. Loess
D. Self dunes
Yardang is a sharp irregular ridge of compact sand lying in the direction of the prevailing wind in exposed desert regions, formed by the wind erosion of adjacent material that is less resistant.
Barchan is a crescent - shaped shafting sand dunes, loess is an unstratified brown barry deposited by wind while self dunes are sand dunes in the form of a long narrow ridge
Yardang as to do with erosional land forms.

The flow of a river at the lower course is slow because
A. thick vegetation cover affects free flow of water
B. of the increase in human activities
C. the gradient is greatly reduced
D. of the increase in the volume of water
Answer C is the gradient greatly reduced when water flow down from the upper course it flows with a high velocity downwards. An example is a the water enter the lower course the gradient( the rate of regular ascent or descent) is reduced because the slope of the bed is gentle and also, materials washed down from the upper course are deposited there. the vegetation cover does not determine water movement as rivers are not vegetative. tress can only cover the surrounding areas and not the river itself Human activities and water volume also does not determine the flow of river at the lower course. water either small or mass will always find its way

An intrusion of molten magma formed horizontally along the bedding planes of sedimentary rocks is
A. sill
B. laccolith
C. dykes
D. batholith

Which of the following is a warm current?
A. Labrador current
B. California current
C. Benguela current
D. Florida current
Florida current originates from tropical area which is warm.
Labractor current is a cold current in the north Atlantic ocean
California current is a cold pacific current which mere southwards along the western coast of North America
The Benguela current is also a cold current which flows northward in the south Atlantic ocean

A line on a map or chat connecting areas of equal rainfall is called
A. isotherm
B. isobar
C. isohyet
D. isopach
Isohyet is a line on a map that connects areas of equal rainfall

Isotherm is a line on a map of the earth surface that connect points having the same temperature at a given time or for a given period

Isobar is an imagining line or a line on a map that connects areas of equal atmosphere pressure.

Isopach is a line that connects points of equal thickness of a geographical stratum (many layers of a substance) formation

Large scale urban migration began as a result of
A. industrial development
B. improved medical services
C. high demand for manufactured goods
D. efficient transportation system
Answer is A people in the rural area migrate to the urban area mainly to improve their living standard by working in industries rather than farming and petty trading which is the main income source in rural area. improved medical source brings about urban migration but not or larges scale transportation system is just a means of connecting the urban rural areas and it just brings about quick delivery of goods

The local craft industry of Wood carving is associated with one of these states
A. kano
B. Ananmbra
C. Osun
D. Edo
Benin City in Edo State is the most important wood raining area in Nigeria. That is because Benin falls in the rain-forest zones where essentials raw materials of hard wood is basically available in large quantities

The circulatory movement of water in the ocean which is continuous is
A. riples
B. currents
C. waves
D. Tsunamis
A wave is a continuous movement on water surface, usually in the ocean. Its is also said to be a moving ridge on the surface of the water.

Option A, ripples often occur on the surface of small liquids or a small body of water

Option B, currents is a continuous movements of water in one direction. When there is water erosion, the eroded water tends to move in a particular direction, that is an example of a current.

Tsunamis is a large oceanic wave caused by an earthquake under the sea. The question says circulatory movement of surface water which is continuous in the ocean, current, ripples and tsunamis are wrong as they do not fit as the right answer.

The introduction of materials that have negative impacts on t he ecosystem is known as
A. combustion
B. transpiration
C. evaporation
D. pollution
pollution is the process of making land,water,air, etc dirty and not safe or suitable to use. that makes it the right option

The Ruhr valley of West Germany is noted for
A. iron and steel industries
B. food and drink industries
C. raw materials processing industries
D. building and construction industries
The answer is A The Ruhr valley in the late 180's is known for its iron production. it is the place in Germany where ammunitions were produced during the world war around 1820, hundreds of mills were produced in many workshops then, knives,tools and weapons were manufactured. iron ore was actually discovered in the Ruhr valley

Settlements where the people build their houses along routes are often called
A. scattered settlements
B. rural settlements
C. linear settlements
D. dispersed settlements
linear settlement is a settlement where people form their building in a long line mostly along transport routes

Use the map to answer the following question
The area marked O is a
A. Iron mining area
B. Salt spring
C. Coal mining area
D. Lime stone area
Enugu axis is one of the main coal mining states in Nigeria. Coal was discovered there in 1909

A woman living on Longitude 30oE is carrying her body to the hospital around 1 am on Monday. Calling her husband on plane who is on 30oW, when will the husband pick the call
A. 3:00 AM
B. 5:00 PM
C. 7:00 AM
D. 9:00 PM
30oE + 30oW = 60o, 1hour = 15o, therefore 60o gives 4 hours which means both are 4 hours interval. In time calculation, the west love an hour at every step which the est gains an hour. The wife is carrying the baby and calling the husband at 30oE, 1 am, so the husband at the west will loose an hour at every step.
1 am before 12 midnight, westward minus 3 hours gives 9 pm in Sunday. Therefore, the wife calls on Monday while the husband receives the call on Sunday at 9 pm.

At least 70% of Nigerian total rubber production comes from
A. Delta State
B. Ogun State
C. Ondo State
D. Cross River State
Delta state, other options also produce rubber but delta state produce than other state
sapele in delta state is where the first rubber plantation in Nigeria was establish during the era of the colonial masters.

The greatest advantage of road transport over other types of transportation is that it
A. can convey bulky goods
B. can link up two or more countries easily
C. is more economical
D. is flexible
Road transport has the greatest advantage due to being flexible because unlike other transportation means road have the advantage of reaching every corner of an area and also movement can be stopped at any particular time and place

47. q-image

Use the map above to answer the question that follows:
The area marked D is


Guinea savanna


high forest


sahel savanna


sudan savanna

Answer is D, The Nigeria savanna vegetation include Sudan,Sahel and guinea.

Sudan savanna comes immediately after the north of the guinea savanna as the cardinal point on the diagram describes the direction to the north, the Sudan comes after the guinea the chief product are cattle, groundnut, guinea corn and millet The Sahel savanna is made up of grasses and water shortage is experienced there and this does not encourage plant to grow luxuriantly.

The guinea savanna is suitable between Sudan savanna and rain forest

The chronological order of these mining activities is
A. exploitation, exploration, refining, transportation
B. transportation, refining, exploitation, exploration
C. exploration, exploiration, refining, transportation
D. refining, exploitation, transportation, exploration
The answer is c exploration,exploitation, refining and transportation chronological order deals with arrangement in order of time from the earliest to the latest in mining exploration which is about inquiring and studying the mineral to be mined comes first, followed by exploitation which deals with working/getting the mineral. refining comes after which is just about separating the minerals and removing unwanted material from it. transporting of the ruined minerals to another site then comes afterwards Option A is wrong because you don't work on minerals if you don't discover and study it first that explain exploitation coming before exploration Option B is wrong because transportation cannot come first in mining process due to the fact that mining hasn't been done so there is nothing mined to transport Option D is wrong because one needs to exploit the minerals to be mined before separating the minerals which refining stand for

Deforestation occurs when one of the following happens except
A. trees are cut down for agricultural purpose
B. trees are cut down for limber
C. bush is subjected to excessive burning and grazing
D. shifting cultivation is practised
Shifting cultivation occurs when a piece of land is left fallow for a while, mostly within a farming season for cultivation to be done on another piece of land. That has no damaging effect on the forest.
When trees are cut down for agricultural purposes, timber production and during excessive bush burning and grazing, the forest is often lost or reduced as there will be reduction in the numbers of trees available.
This often lead to erosion and desert enroachment

Honshes industrial area in Japan is noted for
A. the capital of Japan
B. ship building and fertile manufacturing
C. coal mining and production
D. chemical production
ship building and textile manufacturing. Japan is one of the largest industrial regions in asia

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