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Traditional rulers were restricted to ceremonial rules by the local government reforms of
A. 1966
B. 1976
C. 1984
D. 1987
(B) 1976 — Local government reforms change the multiple system of local government to a single tier all purpose local government and the traditional rulers were restricted to ceremonial rules

A parliamentary system, who ensures that members are in the house to vote on major issues
A. Party leaders
B. Speaker of the House
C. Clerk of the House
D. Whip
(D) The chief whip sees to the activities of the parliament, he monitors any voting activity within the house

A system in which no single person serves as the chief executive is known as
A. Republican
B. Revolutionary
C. Collegial
D. Parliamentary
(D) Parliamentary system of government is that in which the head of state is distinct from the head of government. Both offices and functions attached to two individuals

A social system in which power is derived from control over land is called
A. Oligarchy
B. Feudalism
C. Socialism
D. Welfarism
(B) Feudalism can be expressed as the identification of landed property with sovereignty, sovereignty over a parcel of land which becomes a private hereditary possession and asset to the family.

Rule of Law refers to situation in which
A. Lawyers are the rulers
B. Laws are supreme
C. The judiciary is independent
D. Parliament makes laws
(B) The rule of law can be expressed as the supremacy of law over everybody in a political system.

An important principle of the civil service is
A. Authoritarianism
B. Anonymity
C. Nepotism
D. Partisanship
(B) Civil servants are non-partisan and are anonymous and loyal to each government of day. A civil servant is not expected to address press unless allowed to do so by the minister.

Which of these constitution recognized local government as the third tier of government
A. The 1946 Constitution
B. The 1960 constitution
C. The 1963 constitution
D. the 1979 constitution
(B) 1979 constitution made provision for a democratically truly elected local government councils. It also listed the functions of the council.

A condition for judicial independence is the appointment of judges by the
A. Civil service commission
B. Judicial service Commission
C. Low Review Commission
D. The 1979 constitution
(B) Judicial service Commission is a body that sees to the appointment, remuneration, promotion and discipline of judiciary.

The minorities Commission appointed in Nigeria in 1957 recommend that
A. More states should be created in the federation
B. No more states should created before independence
C. Nigeria should revert to a unitary structure
D. the legislature should Legislate for the minority areas e the minorities should constitute one state
(A) Henry Willink’s Commission, the minority commission of 1957 was a commission of inquiry that look into the fears of the minority in the country and one of its recommendations was the creation of more states.

The second military coup deta't in Nigeria took place on
A. January 15, 1966
B. October 1, 1966
C. July 29, 1966
D. July 29, 1975
E. February 13, 1976
This is the coup that eliminated the former head of state, Gen. Aguyi Ironsi. The coup was executed in Ibadan and enthroned Gen. Yakubu Gowon on the 29th of July, 1966.

One of these was in existence before the outbreak of the second world war
A. The OAU
B. The League of Nations
C. The UNO
D. The Commonwealth of Nations
(B) The league of Nations was formed in 1919, after the first World War of 1914, after UNO was established. The League of Nations was established to stop the outbreak of another war but it could not serve this purpose.

An important advantage of creating more constitution in a federal state is to
A. Enhance the People's participation
B. Enable ambitious Politicians gain political power
C. Make the states gain more power from the federal government
D. Curb the excess of the federal government
(A) People are encouraged to take part in politics, as we have in house of Representatives in Nigeria which is based on the population of the state and the essence is to enhance people’s participation in government.

Under the Presidential system
A. The party with the majority of seat forms the Executive
B. There is the principle of collective responsibility
C. The president may come from any of the parties
D. The states take instruction from the federal government
(C) In federal system, instruction is taken from constitution and any political party can produce president under Presidential System.

Public opinion is important because it
A. Tells government what action it must take
B. Lets government know what the people want
C. Allows Police to manage crisis
D. Mothers the minorities in resource lean areas
E. Guarantees people's freedom and rights
(B) Public opinion may be defined as the belief, values and attitudes, which are commonly held and expressed by the minority of the people on a given public issue. Public opinion helps the government to know the feeling of the people concerning its policies and activities.

Bicameral legislature exists
A. Where two cameras are used to monitor court proceedings
B. To prevent the concentration of power on legislative house
C. To provide jobs for more politicians
D. To ensure that just laws are passed
(B) Bicameral legislature is act of carrying out legislative functions by two chambers in a country. They are lower chamber and upper chamber. This prevent the concentration of power on a single legislative arm.

Africans were first elected to the legislative council in British West Africa in
A. Ghana
B. Sierra Leone
C. The Gambia
D. Nigeria
(A) In 1920, the national congress of British West-Africa (NCBWA) was formed in Accra, Gold Coast (Ghana). Joseph Lesey and Dr. Akinwande Savage of Nigeria were instrumental to its formation.

One of the functions of the Ministry of external affairs is the
A. Deportation of illegal aliens
B. Issuance of Passports
C. Defence of the Country's Borders
D. Promotion of national interests
(D) Ministry of External Affairs champion the foreign policy of Nigeria. Foreign policy refers to the decision and actively taken by a state to pursue her interests within the global system.

The leader of the Northern People's congress was
A. Yakubu Maitama Sule
B. AbubakarTafawa Balewa
C. Aminu Kano
D. Ahmadu Bello
(D) Ahmadu Bello was the founder and leader of Northern Peoples Congress. He consolidated the party in the northern part of Nigeria. He was assassinated in January 1 5, 1966. He was the Sardauna of Sokoto and Premier of Northern Region.

The idea of democracy started with the
A. Romans
B. Pensions
C. Greeks
D. Egyptians
(C) Democracy originated form Greece.

In the Marxist theory, those who live by selling their labour are called
A. Bourgeoisie
B. Proletariats
C. Feudal lords
D. Slaves
(B) Bourgeoise are the ones that pay for the services. The proletarians are the people that labour to earn their means in the capitalist society.

Which of the following is NOT an acceptable means of achieving democracy?
A. Referendum
B. Recall
C. Initiative
D. Riots
(D) Riot is a situation in which a group of people behave in a violent way in public place, often as a protest, this do not promote democracy.

The branch of government responsible for implementing laws is the
A. Executives
B. Legislature
C. judiciary
D. Police
(A) Legislators make law, the executive implement it, the judiciary interpret while the police enforce.

In a democracy, sovereignty is vested in
A. The community
B. Public officials
C. Judges
D. The head of State
E. The Legislature
(A) In democracy, sovereignty is rested on the people (community). In sovereignty, the power is rested on the hand of the people.

Universal Adult Suffrage means all
A. Adult citizens can vote
B. Citizens vote
C. Qualified citizens can vote
D. Literate citizens can vote
E. Adult males can vote
(C ) Universal Adult Suffrage means not all citizens can vote like in Nigeria, people above 1 8 years of age are allowed to vote.

A bill that applies to the whole population and is intended to promote the general welfare is called
A. A private bill
B. A decree
C. An Appropriation bill
D. A public deal
E. An edict
(C) Appropriation bill is the act of giving a sum of money to be used fora particularpurpose. For example, passage of Budget at the National Assembly.

The Authur Richards constitution was designed to last for;
A. Nine years
B. Five years
C. Twelve years
D. Six years
(A) Arthur Richards Constitution of 1946 was designed to last for nine (9) years but lasted for five(5) years and ended in 1951.

Under the 1963 Republican Constitution, the President exercised:
A. Judicial powers
B. Executive powers
C. Norminal powers
D. Concurrent powers
(C ) Nominal power, is just ceremonial power under parliamentary system of government. There is also fusion of power.

The Clifford constitution was notable for
A. Amalgamating the Northern and Southern provinces
B. Introducing indirect rule
C. Establishing the legislative council
D. Creating a Northern majority in the legislative council
(C) Clifford constitution was made in 1952. The major reason was the creation of legislative council and led to the creation of political parties in Nigeria. Herbert Macaulay was the first person to establish political party in Nigeria.

In a federal constitution, legislative powers that are shared by two levels of government are referred to as
A. Exclusive
B. Extra-ordinary
C. Residual
D. Concurrent
(D) In federal constitution, concurrent legislative power is shared between the state and federal (control) government, as we have in education, resources, industrial development, roads, insurance, security (police) and also sharing of money. In residual, state government are allowed to make law as we have in establishment of traditional council

During the period of 1960-1966, Nigeria was governed under the:
A. Presidential system of government
B. Westminster system of government
C. Confederal system of government
D. Unitary system of government
(A) Westminster is the same as parliamentary.

Which of the following in the Sokoto Caliphate performed functions similar to that of the Bashorun in Oyo kingdom ?
A. Waziri
B. Galadima
C. Ma'aji
D. Alkali
(A) The administration of Oyo empire involved the Alafin, assisted by the Aremo, the Bashorun, Oyomesi and others. The Bashorun (Prime Minister) and Oyomesi played a very key role in the administration while Waziri was a very senior adviser and administrator. He was the prime minister in Sokoto Caliphate, Galadima was in charge of the capital, Maazi was in charge of treasury.

In the Igbo political system, the most senior member of the council of elders is the
A. Okpara
B. Obi
C. Eze
D. Ofo
(D) Ofo title holder made the council of elders. Each family head held the Ofo title and all of them put together formed the Council of Elders

A non-monarchical state can best be described as a:
A. Republic
B. Confederation
C. Nation
D. Federation
(A) A non-monarchical system is republican. Republican system is where everybody is equal and have equal right to vote for their leaders. In monarchical, the king are from selected family.

Proportional representation favours
A. Multi-party system
B. Three-party system
C. Two-party system
D. One-party system
(A) Multi-party system

One major factor that differentiates the presidential from the parliamentary system is:
A. Separation of powers
B. Judicial independence
C. Passage of bills
D. Party system
(A) In parliamentary system, some members of legislature are also members of executive but under presidential system, there is total separation of power.

A state with a hegemonic party is one in which:
A. There is one dominant party
B. There is no opposition party
C. There is only one party
D. Other parties are officially recognized.
(A) Hegemonic party, as in USA where Republican and Democrats are dominant in Nigeria, PDP is the dominant party.

In the First Republic, politics in Northern Nigeria was dominated by
(D) In Nigeria, First Republic (1963— 1966) NPC, NCNC and AG were the prominent political parties that contested elections. Northern Nigeria, was dominated by NPC. The AG in southwest and NCNC in South East.

The creation of classless society is the ultimate aim of
A. Communism
B. Socialism
C. Fascism
D. capitalism
(A) Karl Marx called communism classless society, where everybody will be equal.

Herbert Macaulay was the first President of
(A) Herbert Macaulay was the founder and first president of National Citizen of Nigeria and Cameroun (NCNC) and later quit while Nnamdi Azikiwe took over.

A special election organized to decide on a political issue is known as
A. Plebiscite
B. By election
C. General election
D. Primary election
(A) Plebiscite is also a ‘yes or no” vote of the people especially when issues of national importance referred to them. It can also be in some relevant public or political question like the issues of minorities in a political set up.

Equality before the law is a component of
A. Separation of powers
B. Checks and balances
C. The rule of law
D. Constitutional law
(C) The rule of law is defined as the supremacy of law over everybody in a political system. Rule of law is seen as a provision made by the constitution with emphasis on supremacy of the law, equality before the law and the presence or inclusion of the principle of individual rights.

In the process of implementing laws, the executive sometimes perforrrs
A. Judicial functions
B. Bureaucratic function
C. Oversight function
D. Legislative function
(C) In the process of implementing laws, the executive sometimes perform a lot of functions like legislative function and can be called oversight function (C)

Which of these was the main organ of the defunct OAU?
A. The Liberation Committee
B. The Council of Ministers
C. The Commission for Mediation, Conciliation and Arbitration
D. The Assembly of Heads of State and Government
OAU was founded on May 25, 1963 at Addis-Ababa, Ethopia. Thirty (30) independent African state attended the inaugural meeting. The assembly of state and government is the highest and most powerful of all the organs of the organization. (D)

Multilateralism in Nigeria's foreign policy entails
A. Africa being the centre piece of Nigeria's foreign policy
B. Non-aligned posture in international affairs
C. Quest for a permanent membership of the UN security council
D. Membership of international organization
(D) Multi-lateralism is the policy of trying to make multiple agreement, that is multiple agreement with many countries.

The ancient Greeks practiced
A. Direct democracy
B. Representative democracy
C. Liberal democracy
D. Benevolent dictatorships
(A) Democracy (direct) was defined as the government of the people, for the people and the population was still small. Now we have indirect democracy, where we have representation government or government of the majority.

Fascism originated from:
A. Greece
B. Italy
C. China
D. Germany
(B) Fascism is a form of government headed by a dictator, in which government has a total control over all activities in the state and people are denied personal liberties as it originated form Italy under Benito Mussolin.

According to Karl Marx, the mode of production that precede Capitalism is
A. Mercantilism
B. Feudalism
C. Socialism
D. Communalism
(B) According to Karl Marx, mode of production started form communalism, next is socialism and finally to communism.

One of the destructive features of a democracy is that it
A. connotes civil rule
B. facilitates popular participation
C. Provides for a unicameral legislature
D. Is not associated with one party state
(B) Democracy is a form of government in which the people exercise their governing power either directly or through representation, periodically elected by them. This informs us that democracy provides institution for expression and supremacy of people.

Serfs are the dominated class under:
A. Capitalism
B. Socialism
C. Fascism
D. feudalism
(D) The Serf (tenants) pay their landlords annual tribute in money or kind. They are the owner of labour in the feudalism system.

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