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Commerce (2018) QUIZ STUDY
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Which of the following regulates and controls the activities in the Nigeria Stock Exchange?

The payment made by a speculator to the buyer when he is unable to deliver stocks on the agreed date is
A. backwardation
B. Franco
C. arbitrage
D. contango

Part payments made on allotted shares by subscribers is usually the
A. issued capital
B. subscribed capital
C. called-up capital
D. authorized capital

A loan to a customer with a cheque account at a bank in which the account is allowed to go into debit is
A. advance
B. over draft
C. commission
D. interest

Money is generally acceptable for transaction due to
A. the rule of the law
B. its acceptability in the global market
C. the legal backing
D. the Central Bank Governor's signature

Trade fairs in Nigeria are organized by
A. Ministry of commerce and industry
B. chambers of commerce
C. The federal Government
D. Manufacturer's Association of Nigeria

Goods and services are made available to consumers through
A. the advertising agency
B. sales promotion
C. the channel of distribution
D. the middle men

An organization which focuses on consumer satisfaction is practising
A. marketing concept
B. selling concept
C. consumerism
D. market segmentation

One of the major disadvantages of pipeline transportation is its
A. high maintenance cost
B. high cost of construction
C. Limitation in scope
D. vulnerability to climate changes

The business organization that can effectively combine management with control is
A. co-operation society
B. public limited liability company
C. private limited liability company
D. sole proprietorship

An arrangement by independent firms to share the market of their products on quota basis is referred to as
A. cartel
B. syndicate
C. trust
D. integration

The warehouse that is owned and controlled by the government is a
A. state warehouse
B. wholesalers' warehouse
C. public warehouse
D. manufacturers' warehouse

In a public limited liability company, planning, is carried out by
A. employees
B. the chairman of the board
C. shareholders
D. manufacturers' warehouse

One of the major problems of a sole proprietor is sourcing for
A. funds
B. labour
C. raw materials
D. machineries

Balance of payments is made up of
A. currency and capital items
B. visible and current items
C. visible and invisible items
D. visible and capital items

The four P's of marketing are:
A. Price, product, property and place
B. Product, place, process and promotion
C. Price, production, place and property
D. Price, product, place and promotion

The inter for is a system of telecommunications used for
A. sending electronic messages
B. communicating long-distance messages
C. sending and receiving text messages
D. communicating messages through telegrams

The major determinant of fire insurance premium is the
A. usefulness of the property to the owner
B. type and structure of the property to be insured
C. extent of fixed damage anticipated
D. owner of the property to be insured

Capital to a business is technically
A. an asset
B. a project
C. a liability
D. an expense

The factor which critically determines the choice of occupation is
A. skill
B. training
C. aptitude
D. interest

From which of the following source can partnerships increase their capital?
A. Sales of shares
B. Admission of new partners
C. Discharge of mortgage
D. Grants from relations

In Nigeria, the ministry in charge of registering trade associations is that of
A. culture and tourism
B. finance
C. industries
D. commerce

The shares of a company listed on the stock exchange for sale are referred to as
A. quoted shares
B. issue shares
C. deferred shares
D. registered shares

Charges for loans paid by commercial banks to the central bank of Nigeria are called
A. Credit charges
B. bank rates
C. bank charges
D. interest rates

The act of a person employing another to enter into contract on his behalf is known as
A. agency
B. bilateral agreement
C. business
D. sale of goods

Social responsibility is the ability of organization to
A. operate without disrupting the very essence of the environment
B. tackle the socio-economic problems of its community
C. meet the needs of its community
D. contribute to sustaining and developing its community

An author's exclusive right to his published and unpublished works is known as
A. constitutional right
B. copy right
C. author right
D. patent right

Awarding scholarships and sponsoring sports by a business organization are examples of
A. social responsibility
B. advertising strategy
C. marketing strategy
D. economic responsibility

One way by which government reduces the repatriation of capital is through
A. divestiture
B. naturalization
C. nationalization
D. indigenization

The maximum number of shareholders in a public liability company is
A. one hundred
B. unlimited
C. fifty
D. twenty

Bank overdraft as a short term source of fund is
A. a current liability
B. an overdrawn account
C. grade to a newly opened account
D. repayable after more than a year

32. q-image
The above chart represents the
A. marketing mix relationship
B. product mix relationship
C. advertising mix relationship
D. promotion mix relationship

The main documents sent to an importer of goods by the exporter are
A. indent, bill of certificate of origin, invoice and bill of exchange
B. certificate of origin, bill of exchange, invoice insurance, policy, indent and bill of lading
C. bill of lading, invoice, insurance policy, consular invoice, certificate of origin and bill of exchange
D. invoice, consular invoice, certificate of origin, freight note, indent and insurance policy

A company which issues a promissory note in lieu of payment for goods purchased
A. is not bound to renew the note before payment
B. can return the goods purchased and refuse to pay
C. can refuse to pay on due date since it is only a promise
D. is bound to redeem the note for cash on due date

Insurance companies operate on the principle of indemnity. This means that an insured person or firm collects
A. double the value of loss suffered
B. only half of the loss suffered
C. the total sum of the premiums paid prior to the loss.
D. the total sum of the premiums recieved after to the loss.

The two main categories under which marine losses fall in to are
A. total loss and partial loss
B. voyage policy loss and time policy loss
C. particular loss and average loss
D. actual loss and general loss.

Chinyere agreed to make a dress for Halima with September 20,1995 as the delivery date. If the dress was not ready on that date, Halima could
A. seize another gown from chinyere's shop
B. regard the contract between them as terminated
C. sue chinyere for specific performance
D. sue chinyere for damage.

A disadvantage of personal selling is that it
A. increase a company's number of customers
B. reduces a company area of patronage
C. increases a company's operating costs
D. decreases a company's operating costs.

Which of the following has powers to order withdrawal of a particular food item from circulation?
A. Food and Drugs Department of the Federal Ministry of Health
B. Federal High Courts in Nigeria
C. Standard Organization of Nigeria
D. Local Government Health Inspectors

Nationalization of an industry means that its ownership becomes that of
A. tax payers
B. indigenes
C. government
D. shareholders

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