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Christian Religious Studies 16 QUIZ STUDY
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What was Herod's reaction when he heard the news about Jesus birth?
A. He was troubled
B. He became calm
C. He was excited
D. He sent gifts

In his teaching on spiritual gifts in Corinthians, Paul said that all gifts are inspired by
A. prayer
B. the same spirit
C. grace
D. the individual's ability

Paul in Romans advised believers to respect those in authority to avoid God's wrath and also for the sake of
A. Christ
B. Conscience
C. others
D. faith

How old was Abram when God appeared to him the second time?
A. 75 years
B. 105 years
C. 85 years
D. 99 years

''An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth...''
Jesus corrected the teaching in the statement above by declaring that
A. give and take is an ideal way of life
B. retaliation should be in equal measure to the offence
C. retaliation is right
D. forgiveness is right

The ruler of the synagogue whose child Jesus raised to life was
A. a widow
B. Zebedee
C. a centurion
D. Jairus
REF_____Mark 5:21-43

''Blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe''

Jesus made the statement above to
A. His mother at Cana in Galilee
B. the father of the epileptic boy
C. the Syrophenician woman
D. Thomas, the twin

According to Amos, true religion entails
A. being just and righteous
B. engaging in sacrifices and burnt offerings
C. engaging in holy feasts and assemblies
D. fasting and praying always

''....You are the Christ, the son of the living God.''

The statement above was made by
A. Peter
B. James
C. John
D. Philip

In order that the word of the LORD concerning Judah might come to pass, He
A. made it the central city
B. allowed the Canaanites to besiege it
C. sent Kings to reign in Jerusalem
D. sent Babylon and other nations against it

One of the prophets that prophesied hope for Israel in spite of God's promise of punishment was
A. Jeremiah
B. Amos
C. Hosea
D. Obadiah

''.....Holy, holy, holy is the LORD of host...''
The statement above was made in reference to the call of
A. Jeremiah
B. Ezekiel
C. Isaiah
D. Amos

In Jesus' teaching about the true vine, He said anyone who does not abide in Him shall be
A. crucified with Him
B. cast forth
C. taken away
D. remembered on the last day

Paul returned Philemon's slave back to him to ensure that
A. he would be welcome when he left prison
B. the slave can complete his service time
C. Philemon forgave and accepted the slave
D. he could boast of Philemon's obedience.

Where did God promise to lengthen Solomon 's days if he kept His commandment?
A. Gilboa
B. Gibeon
C. Tabor
D. Shechem

''.....This man is that power of God which is called Great.''

The statement above referring to Simon the magician was made at
A. Macedonia
B. Jerusalem
C. Samaria
D. Ephesus

Paul in Romans said that the righteousness of God has been manifested through faith in Jesus Christ for
A. the cleansing of the demand
B. the exaltation of the authority
C. all those who believe
D. the dead in Christ

Before Moses brought the Israelites to meet God on Mount Sinai, he chatged them to
A. wash their garments and be consecrated
B. ensure they eat very well
C. touch the mountain at the sight of smoke
D. mate with their wives for three days


In Matthew's account of Jesus burial, Joseph who requested the body of Jesus was


a kingdom seeker


the council's elder


His disciple


a gospel lover


according to Matthew's account,Joseph was a wealthy disciple of Jesus

Matt.27:57 (KJV)

What was God's immediate punishment to David for taking Uriah's wife?
A. God sent Nathan to him
B. David's son by Bathsheba died
C. Absalom conspired against him
D. Solomon built the Temple in his place

When David's son Absalom rebelled against him, David was forced to
A. abdicate the throne
B. flee from Jerusalem
C. surrender to him
D. divide his kingdom

The religious tension in Israel during the reign of King Ahab was caused by
A. Prophet Nathan's prophecy about Israel's doom
B. Jezebel's introduction of idol worship
C. Ahab's heed to the advice of the elders
D. Elijah's insistence on God to punish Israel

A parable that teaches a lesson on the demands of the kingdom is that of the
A. weeds
B. lost coin
C. prodigal son
D. Samaritan

In his teaching on effective prayer, James said that the prayer of faith would
A. heal and cleans sins
B. influence the authority
C. enhance commitment to church
D. ensure salvation for the the sick

Amos is often referred to as a prophet of
A. love
B. doom
C. justice
D. hope

Whose address led to the conversion of three thousand souls on the of Pentecost?
A. Peter's
B. James
C. Paul's
D. John's

A key requirement for healing as exemplified by the disciple's inability to heal the epileptic boy is
A. power
B. righteousness
C. faith
D. humility

Paul admonished the Romans to live a new life in Christ by yielding themselves to God as men who
A. will meet Christ in God's kingdom
B. have been brought from death to life
C. have suffered for the sake of the gospel
D. will receive judgement on the last day.

Most believers celebrate Palm Sunday to honour Jesus as the
A. Lamb of God
B. King of Kings
C. Son of God
D. Saviour of the world

".....For who is able to govern this thy great people?"

In the statement above, Solomon declared his
A. inability to carry out the duty
B. inadequacy as a man
C. total dependence on God
D. lordship over the people of God

God sent Jonah to the city of Nineveh to
A. preach against it
B. mediate for the people
C. convert the people
D. lead it

The action that portrayed Moses as a leader of the Israelites was his
A. disobedience to Pharaoh and escape
B. request to Pharaoh to spare Israelite's sons
C. protection of the daughters of Jethro
D. Killing of an Egyptian who fought with a Hebrew.

For obeying His word, God rewarded Shiphrah and Puah with
A. positions
B. families
C. wealth
D. servants

God fed the Israelites with Manna at the wilderness of
A. Elim
B. Zin
C. Sin
D. Sinai
Ref___Exodus 16

When Ezekiel ate the scroll that was given to him at his call, it signified that
A. his sins were forgiven
B. God would always go before him
C. he was filled with God's word
D. he would never br hungry

A good example of parental responsibility was demonstrated by
A. Eli
B. Samuel
C. David
D. Asa

The story of Gehazi demonstrated God's hatred for
A. disobedience
B. greed
C. envy
D. tyranny

Believers today are partakers of the New Covenant through
A. the gift of the spirit
B. partaking in baptism by immersion
C. obedience to church leadership
D. adherence to all the sacraments

Paul in Thessalonians declared that at the second coming of the Lord, those who are alive will not precede those that are
A. condemned
B. ignorant
C. faithful
D. asleep

"Leave the dead to bury their own dead...."
Jesus statement above to the man He asked to follow Him was indicative of
A. His desire to save the man
B. His power over death
C. the cost discipleship
D. the futility of life.

When the wall of Jerusalem was broken down, the survivors who escaped the exile were in great
A. frustration
B. trouble and shame
C. disappointment
D. confusion and dismay

During the Temple's repair, King Josiah commanded that the money for the work, be given to the workmen without asking for an account of it because
A. they were honest men
B. they were to be tested first
C. there was no room for that
D. the king enquried from God

"Your prayers and your alms have ascended as a memorial before God....."

The statement above marked the conversion of
A. Philip
B. Cornelius
C. Saul of Tarsus
D. the Ethiopian Eunuch.

According to Paul in Philippians, Jesus demonstrated humility when He
A. likened Himself to God
B. had pity on the possessed man
C. took the form of man
D. forgave those who crucified Him

What effect did the decision of the Council of Jerusalem have on the Early Church?
A. Members became more united
B. The Jews became leaders of the community
C. The church experienced freedom from persecution
D. Gentiles were free to be members

"The very stone which the builders rejected has become the head of the corner''

The statement above in Peter was directed to those who
A. built the Temple of Jerusalem
B. did not believe in Jesus' preciousness
C. are hard hearted against Jesus Christ
D. don't offers spiritual sacrifice

The church that was commended for giving even when in extreme poverty was in
A. Corinth
B. Galatia
C. Thessalonica
D. Macedonia

Daniel and others opted for vegetables and water in place of the King's food and wine because
A. they were fasting for Israel
B. the King's food would defile them
C. the King's food was not palatable
D. God was not happy with Israel's situation

".....I am the LORD, and there is no other, beside me there is no God...."

God's statement above through Isaiah depicts
A. Israel's acceptance of His Supremacy
B. assurance to Isaiah of His existence
C. His soverignty
D. His divine nature

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