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Likewise the spirit also helped our infirmities for we know not what we should pray fro as we ought: but the spirit it self market intercession for us with groaning which on not be uttered.
A. Our inabilities and what we can do as human
B. our physical sickness
C. a viral disease
D. whooping cough that affects the thing
Infirmities mean what we can't do by our own selves

Who is like unto thee,
O Lord, among the gods?
Who is like thee,
glorious in holiness,
fearful in praises, doing wonders?

After which great occasion did the composer of the song above, sing the song?
A. After the Passover
B. after the crossing of the red sea
C. after the killing of the first child of the Egyptians
D. after the first plague
Bible reference Exodus 14 : 13 - 31

What is the name of the first lead of the river that parted in the Garden of Eden?
A. Bison
B. Gijon
C. Pison
D. Euphrates

Do not blaspheme that worthy name by which ye are called. What in that worthy name?
A. Christian
B. new creature
C. Jesus
D. friend
Jesus name in the worthy name by which we are called

The cost of being a disciple of Jesus is that?
A. We have to be fighting the devil always
B. we don't follow our will but the will of Jesus our mater
C. we won't have a place to lay our heads like Jesus
D. the foxes will late us.
Bible reference Luke 9:57
we lose our will to follow the will of the lord Jesus. They in the cost of being a disciple

They have taken away my Lord, and I know not where they laid him, was the statement Mary Magdalene told Jesus at his sepulcher. This statement shows.
A. She alone owns Jesus
B. She had a very strong and deep fellowship and relationship with Jesus
C. She very selfish and has personal interest
D. She is the sister of Jesus
Bible reference John 20:13
many Magdalene was selfish or had personal interest she was just appreciative of the good Jesus did for her, so she was come in to a close relationship with him that she calls him her own.

Whose sudden death of brought a turnaround in the life of obed-edom the Gittite?
A. Uzzaiah
B. Goliath
C. Uzzah
D. Elisha
Bible reference 1 chronicles 13:6-14.
Uzzah was one of those drive the cast carrying the ark of covenant.

“For her sins hare reached in to heaven, and God hath remembered her indignities.” Who in the statement talking about?
A. Jezebel
B. Babylon
C. Nigeria

And I heard a great voice out of heavens saying, Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men, and he will dwell with them, and they shall be his people and God himself shall be with them and be their God. Who heard the great voice behind him?
A. James
B. Jesus
C. John the beloved
D. The Jesus
Bible reference Revelation 21:3.
John the beloved that whole the book of revelation was the one who heard the voice

How many altars did balaam ask balak to bind for him?
A. 5
B. 3
C. 7
D. 9
Bible reference Numbers 23 : 1

How many dukes are there from the lineage of Edom?
A. thirteen
B. nine
C. five
D. ten
Bible reference 1 chronicles 1 :51-54.
Nine duke came out of the family of Edom

The book of Acts of the Apostles contains the following except one.
A. How the early church started
B. The story of Jesus birth
C. The thing the Holy Spirit helped the Apostle to do in their life time
D. The storied of those that left faith because of love for the thing of the meld
The story of Jesus birth is not found in the book of Acts

For God hath not appointed us to wrath but to _______ salvation through our lord Jesus Christ
A. Grab
B. obtain
C. jump at
D. eye
We are not another to grab jump at or eye the salvation of God but to obtain the salvation through lord

The book of Revelation was written by ______ on the _______.
A. john the Baptist island of Everest
B. john the beloved, island of piton
C. john the Baptist island of patrons
D. john the beloved, island of Patmos.
John the Baptist was beheaded, only John the beloved escaped many death and wrote the book of revelation on patmos island

“For I have no pleasure in the death of him that dieth, saith the lord God wherefore turn yourselves and live ye.” which prophet did God tell this statement?
A. Samuel
B. Ezekiel
C. Jeremiah
D. Daniel
Bible reference Ezekiel 18:32.
Ezekiel was the prophet God was telling his mind about the death of a sinner.

The mustard seed, in the parable of Jesus is said to be the ______ seed but when sown and it grown it become the greatest tree.
A. Best
B. most production
C. least
D. latest hybrid
Bible reference Matthew 13:31-32
mustard seed size was are to typify the amount or size of faith we need to achieve it has a very small size least

Hanniah, Mishael and ______ were the 3 special friends of Daniel in the Bible.
A. Gedaliah
B. Azariah
C. Nataliah
D. Jonathan
Bible reference Daniel 1:6.
Azariah was the name of the third friend of Daniel. It was his leered name before they changed his name to Abednego

Israel was defeated by a very small country because
A. It was their destiny
B. Ai had more weapons
C. someone stole an accursed thing
D. someone sold them secretly
Bible reference Joshua 7. 27.
Achan stole an accursed item. Sin was the only thing that made Israel lose battles.

“Behold, I come as a thief. Blessed is he that watcheth, and keepeth his garment, lest the walk naked and they see his shame:
Why did Jesus say he will come as a thief?
A. because he in a thief
B. the likened it to the way thriven come because no one knows when thieves come
C. he wants to play hide and seek
D. God instructed him to
Bible reference Revelations 8 - 9
Because no one know when thief come to steal

The first miracle of Jesus was?
A. Stilling the storm
B. reading the scripture
C. turning water to write
D. heading the woman with the issue of blood.
Bible reference John 2:

John the beloved disciple of Jesus record that, that was the first miracle of Jesus

Likewise, ye wives be in subjection to your own husbands, that if any obey not the word, they also without the word be won by the conversation of the wives. What do you understand by the statement without the word”
A. We should do evangelism by closing or mouth
B. that those who would not listen to our preaching may be won to God by our godly actions
C. that it in the dispensation of dropping the bible
D. that that in what is reigning now
With out word- mean even when we do not preach any more to them our actions & behavior will preach to them

Which of there 3 sinners did God course first after the eating of the forbidden fruit ?
A. Ground
B. Adam
C. Serpent
D. Eve
Bible reference Geneses 3 : 14

Paul record in the book of cession that Christians are scared by ______ through______
A. Faith, grace
B. grace, faith
C. convention, believing
D. agreement, understating
We were shared by Grace through faith, not by faith through grace

If any man love not the lord, let him be Anathemas:- anathema in the above sentence means
A. Repent
B. cursed
C. imprisoned
D. stoned
Anathema means someone cursed or dispised

Josiah was eight years old when he began to reign, and he reigned _______ in Jerusalem
A. 25 yrs
B. 31 yrs
C. 40 yrs
D. 15 yrs
Bible reference 2 kings2:11.27.
Josiah reigned for 31yrs

Which prophet is popular with this statement in the Bible “can two walk together, except they be agreed”?
A. Ahaz
B. Amos
C. Famous
D. Hosea

Maranatha means?
A. Mary and Martha
B. come, Lord Jesus
C. oh how l love your coming
D. it is well

_________ The Son of Jeme, of the tribe or Benjamin - Judah, replaced king Saul as king.
A. Eliab
B. Absalom
C. David
D. Shammah

Be it unto me according to thy words, this statement by Mary was a statement of
A. Doubt
B. Gest
C. Faith
D. do quick and go
Bible reference Luke 1 : 38
This was a statement of faith because humanly speaking what the angel said is not possible, and she expect God to do it for

What is the significance of Jesus giving thanks to God and blessing the fish and the bread', wife which he fed the 5000?
A. He need to show off to the people
B. he show we'll have more when we give thanks to God for what we have
C. to encourage the boy who brought the breed and the fish
D. he needs to buy time
Giving thanks make God give us more. That was what Jesus was showing us. And we must give thank to God who give us everything

The first record of the fall of Jerusalem was recorded in the book of _______
A. 1 chronicles 1:1-end
B. 2 king 24:25:1-17
C. 2 Samuel 7: 3, 8: 1 end
D. none of the above
Bible reference 2 kings 24-1-25:1-17.

It was the time that Nebuchadnezzar was raised to take Jerusalem captive

Who ordered that Naboth be killed?
A. Ahab
B. David
C. Jezebel
D. Joab
Bible reference 1 king 21:8-15.

Jezebel the wife of king Ahab was wicked women, and she used her power to send people to kill Naboth

Whose donkey spoke in the bible?
A. Balikis
B. Balak
C. Balaam
D. Moses
Bible reference Number 22:28

How many generations are there each between Abraham to David, David to the generation that was exiled to Babylon, and from the exiled generation to Jesus?
A. 42
B. 14
C. uncountable
D. 12
Bible reference Matthew 1:17.

There are 14 generations each in the lineage of Jesus.

So the ship master came to him and said to him, “what meanest thou, O sleeper? Arise, call upon thy God, if so be that God will think upon us, that we perish not”. Who did the ship master say this to?
A. Jesus
B. Janus
C. Jonah
D. Judah
Bible reference Jonah 1:6.

Janus and Judas were never in the ship, Jesus was not under any ship man, so Jonah was the one told to call upon his God

There are diversities of gift but the same spirit but all these worked that one and the self same spirit, dividing to every man severally as he will. The word an he will” means
A. the spirit is partial
B. the spirit is known who to give the gift to for maximum use
C. he does not love enough gift
D. the spirit is hoarding the gifts.
The spirit know every one and then know who can carry which gift

And behold, I come quickly and my reward is with me to give every man according as his work shall be. And behold in the statement above means?
A. To get denned
B. to pay attention
C. to shout
D. to live carefree
Behold mean to pay attention

Which of these is not time about Stephen
A. how was the first martyr
B. he was stoned for telling lie
C. he was full of the holy ghost
D. he prayed for the people that stoned him
Stephen never told lies, but other thing about him are correct

And _____ was more honorable than his brethren.
A. Josiah
B. Jabez
C. Jesse
D. David
Bible reference 1 Chronicles 4:9.

Jabez is the only wretched person in the list, he became honorable when the Lord blended him.

Letter was distributed to the church addressed in the Book of Revelation. How much church in all?
A. 15
B. 9
C. 7
D. 6
Bible reference Revelations 1 - 3.

7 letter were written and distributed to the 7 church

Which comes first:- Power, then the Holy Ghost or Holy Ghost then power?
A. Power, then Holy Ghost
B. Both comes together
C. Holy Ghost then power
D. The power of salvation
Bible reference Act 1:8

the holy ghost come first and given us power. Not vice versa

Now the sons of Eli were sons of _______ they knew not the Lord.
A. Lucifer
B. The prophet
C. Nature
D. Belial
Bible reference 1 Samuel 2 : 12

One striking attribute of the children of Israel in the time of Hosea was that ______?
A. They loved God with all their hearts
B. They willfully sinned against God
C. They asked too many questions
D. They were lukewarm and cold
Bible reference Hosea 6:4,8:1-14.

Their ways were willful sin. They just decided to sin and despise God.

Josiah the king _______ when he heard the word of the book of the law.
A. Smiled and praised God
B. danced for joy
C. rent his cloths
D. cried for joy
Bible reference 2 kings 22:11.

renting of cloth in the old testament days was a sign of remorse and repentance and total brokenness and humility.

What does Jesus have in mind when he told the parable of the good Samaritan?
A. To teach the lawyer who is neighbor is and to illustrate to him act that can make him enter the kingdom of God
B. to shows the lawyer he can also tell stories like the lawyer
C. to praise the Samaritans
D. he has nothing to jutting his repent
Bible reference Luke 10:29
what head in mind was to teach the lawyer who his neighbor is. Even the ungodly known who their neighbor are.

Isaac first saw his wife to be in the ________
A. Dream
B. enema compound
C. Field
D. Street
Bible reference Geneses 24 : 63

How many well did Isaac dig before he stopped digging because the philistine strove with him?
A. 6
B. 3
C. Plenty
D. 1
Bible reference Geneses 26 : 17 - 22

And they heard the ________ of the Lord God walking in the garden in the cool of the day.
A. Rumours
B. Footsteps
C. Voice
D. Wind
Bible reference Geneses 3 : 8

________ was the token of the covenant which God made between Noah and him, and every living creature that were in the Noah and also for perpetual generations.
A. Dim sun
B. Ozone layer
C. Rainbow
D. Bright cloud
Bible reference Geneses 9:12

Which prophet in the Old Testament recorded a famine of the word of God?
A. Jeremiah
B. Amos
C. Isaiah
D. Joel
Bible reference Amos 8:11.

most other prophets had record of natural or physical famine. But Amos record famine of the word of God

To whom did God reveal himself to as the almighty God?
A. The children of lsreal
B. Abram
C. Abraham
D. Moses
Bible reference Gen 17 : 1

Who among the disciple of Jesus was a doctor (physician)?
A. Nathaniel
B. Judah
C. Luke
D. none
Luke 1
Luke was a physical but he was not a disciple of Jesus. He was an evangelist with the Apostle

________ was the token of the covenant which God made between Noah and him, and every living creature that were in the Noah and also for perpetual generations.
A. Dim sun
B. Ozone layer
C. Rainbow
D. Bright cloud
Bible reference Gen 9:12

The first atonement for sin through sacrifice was done where?
A. In the bible
B. in the garden of Gethsemane
C. in the garden of Eden
D. in obasamfis farm

And God said let there be a _______ in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters.
A. Cloud
B. mist
C. Firmament
D. Fog
Bible reference Gen 1 : 6

King Solomon acted greedily by levying the Canaanites that lived among the children of Israel, because he wanted to _______ his house and the house of the lord.
A. Rebuild
B. build
C. rent
D. I don't know
1 king 9:15.

Solomon purpose of over levying the canaries because he want to his house and the house of the lord

Daniel by faith and confidence in God requested that the lead of the Eunuch give him and his friend _____ and ______ instead of the king's meat
A. Fruits and wine
B. pulse and coke
C. pulse and water
D. boiled yam and water
Daniel 1:8-12.
Daniel request for pulse (vegetable) and water. Not any pleasant food.

Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeded out of the mouth of God”. This was a response by Jesus to the _______ temptation by the devil?
A. Pre-temptation
B. Second
C. First
D. Fourth
Matthew 4:1-4
that was the response of Jesus to the first Temptation. Turning of stone to bread was the first Temptation

The very first and second miracle of Jesus can be found in which book and chapter of the bible?
A. Matthew 5 : 1 - 3 and John 2 : 1 - 10
B. John 4 : 41 - 54 and John 3 : 16
C. ohn 2 : 1 - 10 and John 4 : 46 - 54
D. John 5:1-10 and John 4 : 46 - 54
John 4:41-54
John was a record of the first and second miracles of Jesus

The beatitude was a sermon by Jesus and it was recorded in which book?
A. Revelation
B. John
C. Acts
D. Matthew
Matthew 5:
Mathew, the first of the four gospel in the new testament in so popular with the beatitude theme.

The almighty God is being interpreted in Hebrew to mean________?
A. The Nisei God
B. the Yahweh God
C. the el-sheddai God
D. the shammah God

Paul said” but covet earnestly the best gift and yet I show you a more excellent way”. What is the excellent want to covet the gift?
A. Stealing the gift
B. showing love
C. praying for the gift
D. by being greedy
Showing the Love of God to other people in the best way to covet the other gift of God

Demolishing of the temple and rebinding it in three days was to seamy the death of Jesus for hour many days
A. Eternal day
B. 7 days
C. 3 days
D. a day
Jesus died and rose on the third day. Jesus body represent the temple in the physical.

How many Jews of the 12 tribes of Israel were sealed?
A. 12
B. 144
C. 144000
D. 12, 000

For he said unto him” come out of the man, thou unclean spirit. And he asked him what in thy name?
And he answered, saying _______ for we are many.
A. my name in Regon
B. my name in Lucifer
C. my name Legion
D. my name is Plenty
Mark 5:9
A,B &D are wrong Legion stand for large indefinite number. Because they are much, the demon used the word. LEGION.

But we have this treasure in earthen vessel that the Excellency of the power may be of God, and not of ourselves: an earthen vessel in the sentence above represents what?
A. Our flyover vase
B. the temple in Jerusalem
C. our human body housing the spirit
D. our brain
Earthen vessel in anything made from soil or sand. Minivan made from the soil so our are the earthen vessels

Peter in the book of Act was totally different from the peter in the four Gospels. What made the difference in him?
A. The presence of the other brethren in the upper room
B. The wine he drank in the early hours
C. The Holy Ghost in his life
D. He was just putting up bold face
Act 1 : 8, Act 2 : 1 - 4, 13.
the holy ghost differentiate a Christian from a non-Christian. He enable us to do what we can't do naturally.

“Ye do err, not knowing the scripture, nor the power of God”. Jesus implies what with this statement?
A. Abusing the Pharisees became they are fool
B. that we make mistake and do not judge right scriptural thing because we do not know the scripture and what the power of god can do
C. he wants in to be filled with the Holy Ghost
D. We are like idiots
Matthew 24:23-29
knowledge of the scripture and the power of god frees us from error misjudgment

How old was Noah where the rain of the great flood started?
A. A youth of 30years
B. 450years
C. 600years
D. 650years
Bible reference Gen 7 : 11

Jesus compared or likened the faith we need to do the impossible to a mustard seed. Why did he use the mustard seed?
A. That was what he saw beside him
B. we only need a small spark of faith to do or achieve thing that seem too great to achieve
C. because faith was nit something sign
D. it was the best-selling seed then.
John 17:6
A small faith in God can work mighty miracles

The miracles of James and peter and their preaching led to their arrest but ______ people believed God through them.
A. 3000
B. 5000
C. 4000
D. millions
Act 4:4
5000 people were recorded to believe God thing the preaching of James a peter

The first miracle performed in the book of Act happened at the _______
A. The fish gale
B. the beautiful gate
C. at the gate of the temple called beautiful
D. at Solomon poet
Act 3 : 1 - 11
At the gate of the Temple called beautiful. The Temple is called Beautiful

............ was the first man who has no record of beginning or end, or any record of his parents or his place of descent.
A. Enoch
B. Melchizedek
C. Adam
D. Abimelech

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