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Agriculutural Science (UI) QUIZ STUDY
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.......... is an example of plant propagated by leaf.
A. Zoophyte
B. Allelopathy
C. Bryophyte
D. Angiosperm

A tree species introduced from another country is called--------
A. International species;
B. Exotic species;
C. Exogenous species
D. Crossbreed species

Agriculture can be broadly classified into........... and..........
A. Livestock, Soil
B. Animal, Soil
C. Animal, Crop
D. Poultry, Fruit

An insect vector is important because
A. it helps to habour and transmit pathogens which cause diseases
B. it helps pathogens to develop only at the egg stage
C. it helps to carry pathogens to the environment for control
D. it is efficient in killing pathogens

Birds are important pests of
A. tree crops
B. legumes
C. Cereals
D. vegetables crops

Broad spectrum pesticides are dangerous because
A. they kill all pests and other non- target organisms indiscriminately;
B. they allow non-target organisms to survive;
C. they allow target organisms to survive;
D. they kill target organisms only.

Contact insecticides are used to control
A. pod borers of legumes
B. stem borers of cereal
C. leaf beetles of legumes
D. eel worm of legumes

Entomology is the
A. study of Insects
B. study of viruses
C. study of Nematodes
D. study of Bacteria

Nematology is the
A. study of Insects
B. study of Viruses
C. study of Nematodes
D. study of Bacteria

Olericulture involves the cultivation of ..........
A. Tropical fruits
B. Ornamental plants
C. Vegetables
D. Orchards

One of these is a natural agricultural resource
A. water;
B. petroleum;
C. calcium
D. potatoes

Pesticides that are translocated to plant parts such that pests that feed on them are poisoned are called
A. Systemic pesticides
B. Attractants
C. Fumigants
D. Repellents .

Pests of crops that feed by piercing and sucking plants include the following except
A. stem borer
B. aphids
C. cassava mealy bugs
D. cotton stainers

Plants that are capable of carrying out photosynthesis contain
A. No Chlorophyll
B. Only Xanthophyll
C. Chlorophyll
D. No plant pigment

Problems of agriculture in Nigeria include:
A. higher education and land;
B. poor rural infrastructure and low soil fertility
C. human capital and extension services;
D. mineral resources and poor storage facilities.

Reduction of ten seedlings of pawpaw to two per stand is referred to as
A. pruning
B. thinning
C. weeding
D. spacing

The equilibrium price rice is the price at which ---
A. its demand exceeds supply
B. its supply exceeds demand
C. its supply equals demand
D. its demand encourages supply.

The following are examples of formulated pesticide product except
A. dusts e.g. Actellic dust
B. active ingredient
C. Emulsifiable Concentrate e.g. Gammalin 20
D. Soluble Concentrate e.g. Novacron 40 .

The following are micronutrients, except:
A. Sulphur;
B. Iron
C. Copper
D. Molybdenum

The force which results from attraction between the two unlike materials is called.......
A. Adhesion
B. Cohesion
C. Friction
D. Couple.

The forest is made up of -
A. Stone, rock, gravel and trees
B. Animals, trees, shrubs and herbs
C. Teak, Elephant, paper and fire
D. Wood, coal, gas and leaves

The general name for a plant that is considered to be a pest is
A. tree
B. shrub
C. Weed
D. Herb

The list below consists of fiber sources, which one is not correct?
A. Coir, wood, bast, asbestos
B. Wool, asbestos, sisal, pineapple
C. Glass, Plantain, Okra, Hemp
D. Banana, flax, sisal, kenaf

The most effective method of controlling or preventing viral diseases in plant is by
A. Planting resistant varieties
B. Spraying crops regularly
C. Treating seeds with chemicals
D. Burning affected crops

The process by which green plant manufacture their food is called.........
A. Osmosis
B. Photosynthesis
C. Transpiration
D. Respiration

The process by which soil gets wetted up is known as............
A. Wetting
B. Erosion
C. Capillarity
D. swelling

The removal of excess water from a plant through the stomata is.......
A. Transpiration
B. Pollination
C. Absorption
D. Photosynthesis

The reproductive cells of crops are called
A. gametes
B. genes
C. anthers
D. zygote

Trees can be classified into two classes namely
A. Wood and woodlot
B. Mediterranean wood and temperate wood
C. Hardwoods and softwoods
D. Badwoods and Deciduous wood

Virology is the
A. study of Insects
B. study of viruses
C. study of Nematodes
D. study of Bacteria

What is mycology?
A. study of Insects
B. study of Viruses
C. study of Nematodes
D. study of Fungi

When species of plant or animal disappears completely from a place where it previously existed, it is said to be:
A. Endangered;
B. Threatened;
C. Extinct;
D. Rare;
E. Out dated

Which of the following crops can be propagated by stem cutting?
A. Onion
B. Yam
C. Lettuce
D. Cassava

Which of the following crops exhibits hypogeal germination?
A. Millet
B. Cowpea
C. Groundnut
D. Soybean

Which of the following crops is a raw material for the production of chocolate?
A. Kolanut
B. Coffee
C. Banana
D. Cocoa

Which of the following crops produces latex?
A. Mango
B. Citrus
C. Palm tree
D. Rubber

Which of the following fruits is a capsule?
A. mango
B. coconut
C. apple
D. okra

Which of the following is a storage pest of maize?
A. Weevil
B. Beetle
C. Grasshopper
D. Aphid

Which of the following is for body building?
A. Protein,
B. Fat,
C. Minerals,
D. Water

Which of the following is not a factor influencing the availability of agricultural land?
A. Topography
B. Soil types
C. Population pressure
D. Transportation

Which of the following is not a method of controlling pests?
A. Quarantine
B. Crop rotation
C. Fumigation
D. Mulching.

Which of the following is not a monocotyledon plant?
A. Orange
B. Banana
C. Rice
D. Bamboo

Which of these is not involved in forest land enforcement?
A. Forest guards
B. Forest rangers
C. Police officers
D. Forest officers
E. Immigration officers

Why should a seed-producing farmer spray an insecticide on his crops only when the bees are not around?
A. the bees would sting him and he therefore avoids them
B. the farmer does not want to waste his chemicals
C. bees are important for pollination of his crops
D. bees are harmless insects.

Wildlife Management includes one of the following:
A. Habitat Conservation;
B. Habitat Consumption
C. Habitat Liberation
D. Environmental Liberation

Yam stored in a barn should be inspected at least once a week to
A. remove rotting tubers
B. remove sprout from the yam
C. prevent termite attack
D. remove sprout and rotten tuber

............ is to manipulate soil to obtain a desired soil tilth for seed placement, its germination and emergence.
A. Ploughing
B. Tillage
C. Harrowing
D. Harvesting.

An example of sprayers used in crop protection is
A. Nasdac
B. Nafdac
C. Knapsack
D. Capsack .

An example of a stem tuber is.........
A. Cassava
B. Yam
C. Groundnut
D. Maringa

An example of fungal disease of stored grains is:
A. rosette
B. mould
C. soft rot
D. damping off.

Horticulture is a branch of Agriculture that involves:
A. Rearing of animals;
B. Cultivation of food crops;
C. Study of farm machines and tools;
D. Cultivation of fruit, vegetables and ornamental plants.

If a crop requires 1.5kg phosphorus per hectare, how many kg of manure will be required per hectare if 1kg of manure contains 0.5kg of phosphorus?
A. 2.52
B. 2.95
C. 3
D. 4.15.

Maize grow best on
A. sandy soil
B. sand-clay soil
C. loamy soil
D. clayey-loam soil

Root knot of tomato is caused by a
A. fungus
B. bacterium
C. protozoon
D. nematode

Soil textural class can be determined using:
A. Meter rule
B. Vernier caliper
C. Textural Triangle
D. Rain gauge

The average seed rate for maize is 25kg per hectare. Allowing for seed wastage of 5 percent, how many kilograms of seeds would be required in planting 2 hectares of farm land?
A. 40.75
B. 47.5
C. 50.05
D. 52.75.

The correct definition of a soil profile is
A. Horizontal section of the earth crust showing all the layers of soil.
B. Diagonal representation of the soil from top to bottom
C. Vertical section of the soil from the soil surface to the top of the parent materials showing the horizons
D. Perpendicular cross section of the soil showing all the layers from the top of the subsoil. .

The mosaic symptom commonly associated with viral diseases of crops can be best observed on
A. roots
B. stem
C. leaves
D. fruits

The most important part of a crop plant to a horticulturist are the
A. Roots
B. Leaves
C. Buds
D. Branches

The pest designated as a national pest by Nigerian Agricultural Advisory Council is
A. variegated grasshopper
B. thrips
C. weevil
D. cricket

The process by which plant nutrients are washed down beyond the root zone in the soil is known as
A. Bleaching
B. Leaching
C. Infiltration
D. Erosion .

The process of additional source of water in nursery practices for seedlings is called
A. Fertilization
B. Irrigation
C. Ploughing
D. Espacement

The use of Chemical pesticides is being discouraged because they
A. Degrade the environment
B. Pollute the environment and kill non target organisms in the environment
C. They contaminate water bodies
D. All of the above

Vertical description of soil column is called..........
A. Soil tilth
B. Soil profile
C. Soil moisture
D. Soil compaction .

What are the 3 basic types of rock?
A. Metamorphic, granite and Igneous
B. Sedimentary, Igneous and slate
C. Igneous, metamorphic and Sedimentary
D. Igneous, metamorphic and slate

What is soil texture?
A. The proportion of sand, silt and gravel in the soil.
B. The percentages of all the components of the soil
C. The average composition of the soil particles
D. The proportion of sand, silt and clay in the soil.

What is the process by which soil particles are washed away?
A. Leaching
B. Erosion
C. Ponding
D. Wetting

Which of the following diseases of crops causes stunting in maize?
A. blast
B. rosette
C. blight
D. streak

Which of the following is not an effect on man of the various preventive and control measures of diseases and pest of crops?
A. air pollution
B. water poisoning
C. poor health
D. poor utilization

A strain is a chicken breeding stock bearing a given value and produced by a breeder through at least _______________ generations of closed breeding.
A. two
B. three
C. four
D. five .

A term used to designate groups of breeds which have been developed in a particular area is
A. Breed
B. Variety
C. Class
D. Strain

All except____________ are bred for their meat quality
A. Australorp
B. New Hampshire
C. Rhode Island Red
D. Minorca

All of these are poultry except
A. Chicken
B. Duck
C. Pet
D. Turkey

Chindulla is a breed of
A. Goat
B. Gorilla
C. Rabbit
D. Grasscutter
E. Pig

Fowl pox is commonly transmitted by ..........
A. Testes fly
B. Bees
C. Mosquitoes
D. Rats .

In which of the following farm animals is the need for protein supplement in the diet not critical?
A. Rabbit,
B. Poultry,
C. Pigs,
D. Cattle

One of the animals that has been successfully domesticated in Nigeria is
A. Cockroach;
B. Earthworm;
C. Grasscutter
D. Grasshopper

One of the branches of the poultry industry is
A. Backward farming
B. Poultry housing
C. Disease control
D. Integrated companies

Salmonella and Mycoplasma can only be controlled through
A. Vaccination
B. Proper sanitation
C. Bio-security
D. Destruction of contaminated breeders.

The __________ contains enzymes that helps to dissolve the membrane of the yolk before fertilization takes place
A. Ovary
B. Sperm
C. Seminal fluid
D. Acrosome

The female sheep is known as
A. ewe,
B. lamb,
C. sow,
D. mare

The largest part of the oviduct where egg white is formed is the
A. Isthmus
B. Infudibulum
C. Uterus
D. Magnum

The male reproductive hormone is called
A. Testosterone;
B. Testis;
C. Thiamine;
D. Globulin;
E. Progesterone

The process of eliminating undesirable birds from the flock is known as
A. Dubbing
B. Removing
C. Culling
D. Degrading

The volume of the seminal fluid in chicken is about ............
A. 10mls
B. 5.0mls
C. 0.5mls
D. 0.10mls.

What is poultry science?
A. Study of chickens
B. Study of science
C. Study of goats
D. Study of cattle.

What is the gestation period of a cow?
A. 5 months
B. 18½ months
C. 9 months
D. 24 months
E. 15 weeks

Which branch of poultry industry is concerned with the production of various kinds of feed?
A. Hatchery industry
B. Poultry processing and marketing
C. Milling Industry
D. Poultry equipment

Which of the following fish preservation method is common in the Northern part of Nigeria?
A. Sun-drying;
B. Gas drying;
C. Oven drying
D. Even drying

Which of the following is monogastric animal?
A. Cattle
B. Goat
C. Rabbit
D. Sheep

A farmer purchased a sprayer for N15,000 in 2004, at the end of fifth year, he sold it for N5,000. What is the salvage value?
A. N10,000
B. N5,000
C. N15,000
D. N 3,000.

Agricultural extension got its name from
A. spreading of information
B. taking information to farmers on field
C. having farm extension
D. none of these.

Equilibrium price is
A. the point at which quantity of a commodity equals quantity supplied
B. the price at which quantity demanded of a commodity equals quantity supplied
C. the point at which market price of a commodity equals quantity supplied
D. . the price at which quantity demanded of a commodity equals market price

Farm-gate price is usually obtained through
A. The producer
B. Middlemen
C. Commodity Boards
D. Cooperatives

One of the factors that influence supply is:
A. Income;
B. prices of other products;
C. social capital;
D. level of technology

People-oriented extension programmes which generate ideas and activities from the grassroots is called
A. grassroots approach
B. top down approach
C. community approach
D. bottom up approach.

The law of demand states that:
A. demand is directly related to price of a commodity
B. higher the price of a commodity leads to lower quantity demanded
C. the price of a commodity is directly proportional to the amount supplied
D. None of the above.

The loss in value of an asset due to wear and tear in the course of its use is known as
A. Appreciation
B. Evaluation
C. Depreciation
D. Salvage value.

Which of the following is not a problem of agricultural marketing in Nigeria?
A. Lack of transport facilities
B. Scattered sources of supply
C. High quantity of farm produce
D. Lack of good packaging and processing facilities

Which of the following is not a subject area in Agricultural Economics?
A. Agribusiness management
B. Farm management and accounting
C. Agronomy
D. Agricultural development and policy

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